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On Saturday, September 12th we will be celebrating The Bugaloos 50th Anniversary with a Bugaloos Virtual Reunion, which will be uploaded onto TheBugaloos 1970 YouTube channel, for all of the Bugaloos fans.

The confirmed guest list includes John “I.Q.” Mcindoe, John “Courage” Philpott, Caroline “Joy” Ellis, Wayne “Harmony” Laryea’s sister Vilma with a message from Wayne, Joy “Woofer” Campbell McKenzie, and creator Sid Krofft.

Moderating this panel is Daria Brooks and Elizabeth Connell from The Bugaloos Facebook page, Bill Ung and Sandy Johnston webmasters of Bugaloos.com and Bugaloos.net, Linda Reed Spouse from the Facebook group Bugaloos/Krofft Friends and Bugaloos fan Craig Claiborne.

Artwork made by Daria Brooks

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